Copy of Teens Mentorship Program - Winter Semester


Copy of Teens Mentorship Program - Winter Semester


Teens (13 to 19)  Mentorship Program (Semester base)

The program aims to help those who are more serious about the medium and try to take more time to develop a portfolio to apply for college art programs. The time the class would meet could be more flexible hinged on how many students are able to meet at a specific time during the semester. Open studio is to encourage more time spend at the studio to contemplate ideas and take more time on improving projects.

Students in the program will be working on projects regularly but not as strict as they would be at the college level. Clay Work Studio is a fun and open learning environment for youngsters!

Winter Semester 2019 - 1/8 to 4/16;  (15-week) $600.00/student

All level ceramics 
Tuesdays 3:30 to 5:30pm with opening studio. 

Open studio arrangement will be made on the first week of class.


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