Hand-Building Class - Fall


Hand-Building Class - Fall


We are pleased to offer a six-week hand-building course for people of all skill levels!

The class covers basic building hand-building techniques such as pinching, coiling and slab building. The instructor will assess each students’ skill level in each class to guide them through projects. Projects will be given and students will have open studio to work on projects and objects they wish to make. The class will provide studio clay (25lbs/student) for most projects unless more clay is needed for ideas students might have. In that case student who needs more clay will have to buy extra clay. Studio clay is $1/lb. Glazes and firings are included. Taught by Instructor Y.K. Lee

Fall 2019 (6 weeks) - $200
(Age-12 and up)

Choose from the Times and Dates available:

Fall I ( 6-week class)

9/9, to 10/14, Mondays 6p - 8p
9/10 to 10/15 Tuesdays 6p - 8p
9/14 to 10/19 Saturdays 10a - 12p
9/15 to 10/20 Sundays 12p - 2p

Fall II (6-week class)

11/11 to 12/16 Mondays 6p - 8p
11/12 to 12/10 Tuesdays 6p - 8p
11/16 to 12/21 Saturdays 10a - 12p
11/10 to 12/15 Sundays 12p - 2p

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