Selected Works

Selected Works

About Yiu Keung Lee

Education & Work History:
After graduated as an MFA from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1995, I continued to teach at several institutions in Michigan including Henry Ford Community College, Schoolcraft College, Oakland Community College, University of Michigan, Residential College in Ann Arbor. I am currently teaching at the Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti.

Artist Statement: 
My current body of work is an expansion of a piece I collaborated with an elementary school student. In this collaboration I have created a piece of sculpture based on the child’s collage. It is the transformation between the spontaneous artwork of children and the creative process an artist engages intrigued me. A small page of collage has been turned into a relatively larger wall installation called “Biomorphs". “Biomorphic” is a topic I have been using as a teaching tool in my classrooms even before the collaboration. The way forms are displayed on a wall provide challenges between gravity and the forms, it further allows the complex relationship between the wall and the viewer. The relationships are convoluted yet driven my creative process.

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